3D Printed Cookie Cutters

A while back a friend of mine was talking about her baking job. Turns out that there are uses for 3D Printing in baking: cookie cutters

I found a quick method to printing cookie cutters. I like this method because it shows the power of using a configurable slicing engine.

I started with a logo, a rough shape of a bakers head. In sketchup you can import images to then model on top of. I traced the head, gave it some thickness and exported the .stl. I now had a model that was basically the shape of the cookie I wanted.

Making it into a cookie cutter meant changing some settings. In Slic3r, the settings were changed to:

Infill: 0
Top layers:  0
Bottom layers: 0
Perimeters: 3

What this leaves you with is just the few shells of perimeters, leaving you a perfect cookie cutter.

There are many designs for cookie cutters on Thingiverse. Try printing a few out. Eat some cookies, they are great after a long day of printing.

Here are some that I printed out.



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